Mom–God’s Gift

15 May

A mom is such a special sort of person. Some are sweet, serious, surprising, sensitive, sentimental, strict, soulful, smart, sassy and silly.

Some have great careers, hobbies, interests, skills and labors.

Some are easy with people and grace a room when they enter.

Some may dress flamboyantly and others are conservative with little interest in high fashion.

Some love flowers, food and family and some love dancing, daydreams and dogs.

Some care for cats and others simply care.

Do you still have your mom around? If so, lucky you!

Do you have special memories in place of a missing mom? Lucky you!

Perhaps you are a mom and that is a blessing. If not…then having a mom may have been your blessing.

Nuzee Zahan an online journalist wrote about mothers recently. She lost hers when she was one and still conjures up images of her lost mother even into adulthood. I have paraphrased her list. She states:

  •  Mothers are special because they are an extension of God.
  • They work round the clock without any complaints to keep us happy. And their smile brightens the day.
  • They become hardworking multi-taskers who can easily take on the world.
  • They curb their desires to fulfill and do everything for their families and children. 
  • They feel joy when their children thrive.
  • They feel pain when children face obstacles.
  • They are disappointed when family is broken.
  • They cry, and their tears fall with love and compassion.
  • They feel lifted when children make them proud. 
  • Mothers are the backbone of a family, a miracle power.

Are mothers perfect? Not a chance, but it is possible that your mother was perfect for you.

Say a prayer for the motherless.

Speak thanks for your precious mother’s love.


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