Ice Cream

17 May

Do you like ice cream? It is a favorite of mine. My husband thinks I have visited every ice cream shop within a 5o mile radius. It’s not true! But I do like to patronize different places and spaces that serve ice cream. It is fun to see the flavors and pick a new one or relish an old favorite.

How shall we describe ice cream?





–a treat

Here is a stretched simile for you:

God is like ice cream. Life is not perfect but God can smooth out the edges as we pray and meditate on the Word. The lessons God has for us are sweet, tender and full of supportive love. Creamy things in their purest form are often snowy white, as pure as the Lord’s spotless love. Having God in your life can add zest, flavorful moments and a treat to your day in the numbers and types of people brought your way by God. Friends, family…etc.

Okay…the extended metaphor might be far fetched, but what a special time it was for me to think of God and ice cream together—two of my favorites! And I hope it stirred your imagination and brought you a smile this day.

JUST A NOTE! Have you shared with family, friends and such?

Feel free!!

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