Who Knows?

23 Feb

Who knows? That is an inquiring statement often used in conversation when an answer is sought and yet seems unclear. I think I say “Who knows” a lot. It feels right when I do not have an answer, but want to express an idea or an indication that I have been thinking about whatever it is that prompted the statement.

It is rather an encompassing statement that expresses an opinion, a feeling and a vague meaning all in one.

But it is the WRONG answer, no matter the question.

Guess who ALWAYS knows?

Of course, God knows!

God knows our past, our present our future, our unspoken prayers, our worries and our concerns. And God is available for the sharing if we only ask. God’s heart is big enough to soothe our aching hearts. God’s arms are wide enough to embrace any weakness we have and it can be turned into something much stronger than if we tried to go it alone. God’s mind is grander than our minds and God can bring wisdom to a situation from seemingly nowhere. Well, it IS from somewhere…it is from God.

I am thankful everyday for such a perfect helpmate.

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