The Feet and Hands of Jesus

21 Feb

Today I had two people show me such kindness. They visited. It does not matter how long they stayed. It does not matter the gifts they brought. What mattered was their willingness on a cold snowy day to darken my door and warm my heart. They were the feet and hands of Jesus.

I have heard this phenomenon described as “Horizontal Jesus.” Pastor and author Tony Evans coined this term to describe those folks who are willing to reach out to people around them to show the love of Jesus through a helping hand, a gesture, a kind word, a blessing bestowed.

Have you ever been Horizontal Jesus? Have you used your feet and hands to BE the feet and hands of Jesus to someone else? Expressing a kind word? Helping with an extra task? Listening patiently? Serving a meal?

God calls us to “be there” for others; to be a light in the darkness, to be the salt that brings flavor to the lives of others. TO. BE. THERE.

Today and in days to come…

I want to be Horizontal Jesus.

Do you?

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