My To Do List

15 Dec

Are you a list keeper? Do you love the feeling of crossing things off a list either literally or figuratively? Perhaps you prefer to do things just as they come up, but not because they are on a list. Either method of navigating a busy day works most assuredly.

Thinking about the season we are in there are plenty of lists we could write: gift lists, grocery lists, reminders of meals to cook, decorating reminders, cards to address and so on. As a college instructor I could also add these: grade Friday’s projects, send email reminders of the details for the next assignment, prepare student grades and so on.

Let’s pause and come up with another seasonal TO DO LIST. I am going to list a few things that I should do before Christmas and this is not what you may be expecting.

–check in on my neighbor who has been having some health problems

–be patient and polite in the next check out line at the store

–let someone cut ahead of me in busy traffic

–hold the door for someone who looks either tired, burdened or distracted

–phone or text someone I have not talked to in a while

–forgive someone’s thoughtless comment

–hold back when my next comment seems thoughtless

–forgive someone who has hurt me, no matter the issue

–forgive myself for speaking carelessly

–hug a child

–hug the elderly

–seek multiple ways to feel blessed


Feel free to comment below.

2 Responses to “My To Do List”

  1. SueB December 16, 2021 at 10:17 am #

    Love the Christmas to do list. Thanks

    • dar1124 December 16, 2021 at 12:28 pm #

      ‘Tis the season!

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