God’s Will

17 Dec

I have often thought this is a mysterious thing. God’s Will–what does that mean?

Does this mean that God’s outlook is wider than mine? Does this mean that God’s plan is better than mine; that “Father knows best?”

Wikipedia states in paraphrased fashion that the the will of God is interpreted as God’s plans and desires concerning humanity. God’s goals for humanity can be revealed intentionally, circumstantially and ultimately. A world powered by love and compassion is God’s intent.

That seems much bigger than what we often think:

–it was God’s will for me to lose that job

–it was God’s will for the hurricane to hit

–it was God’s will for my child to be ill

I wonder if we misinterpret God’s will?

I heard an online sermon alluding to this given by southern preacher Pastor Tony Evans. His interpretation was that God’s will is that WE WOULD BE WILLing to do God’s bidding, to live God’s laws, to embrace an intentionally loving and compassionate life. Pastor Tony did not interpret God’s will as “a bad thing that we must accept or a lot in life we must learn to live with,” but rather it is a lifestyle that feeds our souls and the souls of those with whom we commune.

What is God’s will?

Are you WILLing?

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