Do it Scared

28 Sep

That statement listed above is one I heard recently spoken by a young woman who described what it’s like for her to try something new. She said, “I do it scared, and I prefer it that way; it forces me to jump in and not overthink the situation.”

I found it fascinating as I was under the impression that for many people jumping in without confidence or preparedness is not a desirable thing. But maybe it actually is desirable to just make the leap. Some may call it a “leap of faith.”

I investigated an online version of the Cambridge Dictionary for the definition of leap of faith and this came up: “an act of believing something that is not easily believed.”

As Christians we are called to do that.

2 Corinthians 5:7 tells us we are to walk by faith not by sight. In other words, what we think we see lying ahead may not actually be what we think it is and we are to trust our Lord for the best and the right outcome.

“I do it scared,” she said. She happens to be a believer, which may be why her confidence and trust are present in a frightful situation.

Do you like to “do it scared?”

Would God have us “do it scared?”

Would God prefer that we jump in and let him handle the rest, scared or not?

I pray when my next challenge comes so will my trust in God.

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