21 Sep

“Curious, isn’t it how the normal can now seem so strangely, well…abnormal?”

“Curious, isn’t it how the things we long for so often seem to come up just a bit short of our hopes and expectations?”

Those first two lines were extracted from an email that went out to all faculty and students to explore a few rules for fall on campus. They grabbed my attention, not for the rules that followed in the email, but rather for the wisdom in the initial words. They made me think about other curiosities.

Curious that sometimes when it rains on a sunny day there is a rainbow and on other occasions, not.

Curious that sometimes when I am thinking about a person a phone call or text message will come in from THAT person.

Curious that sometimes when I think I am hungry I am really thirsty and hey, there are no calories in water!

Curious that when I peek into the Bible and only read a few lines there is still something to learn or ponder.

Curious that the other evening as I drove about four miles to get to a hardware store I saw 10 deer–one way!

Curious that as I write this I may have triggered a few of YOUR own thoughts!

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

That quote is from an anonymous source…hmm!

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