Prayer for Mid Summer

1 Aug

God, you have blessed my region with sun by day, clear starlit skies by night, seasonal temperatures and blessed images. I have seen deer on my property. They ate all my daylily buds before they even blossomed, but other sights distracted my complaints. I have seen children on playgrounds, bunnies hopping and squirrels scurrying. Neighbors are strolling by with a wave or a pause for a chat. I even saw a ladybug today, riding on my car window as I drove down the road. A cardinal pair pranced on a tree branch outside my window and the grinding chirp of the red winged blackbird was in the air today.

Oh, Lord, the farms! Despite minimal rain, the farms and orchards are productive with tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers and the like. The sweet corn I tasted recently had a rich and snappy goodness all slathered in butter. You know how to do nature, Lord! You know the joys of a harvest bounty. And after a recent summer rain you delivered me a rainbow with promises attached, promises to keep.

Did I stop to thank you for summer’s gems? I did not…until today. Today I recognized your summer gifts, your mid-season rewards I sometimes take for granted.

Lord, teach me to appreciate your bountiful goodness. Remind me to recognize you as a truly abundant God who freely gives. Help me not to be a pale recipient of your goodness, but rather, teach me love and bold appreciation for the fleeting season at hand.

You are an amazing God and at least today, for all that summer brings I give thanks.


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