Prayer for a Hurt World

16 May

God, your love is amazing and your strength even more grand than can ever be imagined, but I feel I cannot reach you. My eyes are wide open, and I see world pain and I wonder where you are and what I can do. Of course, I believe your love will win. Of course, I believe your watchful eye is on the world, but I sometimes wonder if anyone even notices, appreciates or respects your power.

Faith tells me to trust your wisdom and your ways, but my human nature sometimes tells me that I stand on shaky ground and your wisdom is elusive.


Help me!

Help me see!

Help me see you and know that your ways are better than mine and may my trust increase, and my fears decrease as I navigate a highly uncertain world.


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  1. SueB May 16, 2022 at 5:08 pm #


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