Vision Check

2 Mar

I recently received a reminder for a eye appointment coming soon. On that date the doctor will check my eyes for health and acuity inside and out. With all his equipment and knowledge he will determine how well I see.

This made me think how difficult it can be sometimes to see well in life. Plenty of things happen from day to day that cloud our vision. A job change, a move, an accident, a diagnosis, an illness, physical pain, disappointment and loss can gang up and blur our sight. We “can’t see the forest for the trees,” we feel “blindsided,” we “didn’t see it coming.” This all happens due to our human nature. Our perspective changes when big things happen and our sight and vision sometimes grow dim.

The good news is that God sees everything. God is present in everything! But that too, is sometimes blurred by our humanness. Our vision of God’s goodness gets crowded out by our own limited sight.

God sees the bigger picture and God knows our inner selves and precisely what we need far better than our capability to see it ourselves.

While I think my vision is quite good, thank you very much…

God’s vision is perfect.

I refer you to the Book of Ecclesiastes 3:11. Check it out!

“See” what is there for you.

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