What’s True About You

21 Apr

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and spotted a devotional book on a clearance shelf. It caught my eye because it was inexpensive with an intriguing title and it had flowers and gold speckles on the cover which was pretty cute to me. The title of the book is actually the title of this post and the author is Holley Gerth. The theme of the book is to remind us that no matter what, we are loved and cared for by an amazing God. In fact, the opening line of the book is., “You are loved.” Her next line is, “You’re seen and valued.”

Do you feel sometimes that on some days it is easy to feel invisible, undervalued and unloved?

This may have been true before Covid when we were so busy exhausting ourselves with commitments, appointments and activities that made us feel tired and sometimes insignificant at the end of the day of interactions with an unappreciative boss, a complaining coworker or a whining child. When Covid struck, we had time on our hands with a feeling of aimlessness on certain days. If we feel aimless and we feel exhausted and nobody notices, of course we might feel undervalued and invisible.

Some segments of marketing and society tell us that after a “certain age” women actually become invisible. We don’t have a figure like we once had, our hair color may seem dull, our complexion is not as smooth and bright as before and no one is whistling as we walk by. (ha ha–that is not considered respectful in today’s culture, anyway)

Gerth in her book and God in our lives remind us that all those negative feelings that might race through our minds are flat out wrong, inappropriate and uncalled for. We ARE loved, we ARE of value! We are NOT invisible–especially to God. God would never have created us in precisely the way he wanted and then cast us aside as an invisible commodity. Nope! He sees us in every minute of every day. And he appreciates his creation.

Philippians 1:6 Complete the Work #202 - In Due Time

Gerth recommends that we ask this question throughout the day: “God, what do you want to say to my heart today?”

I love that!

What God has for us is far more than what we might have for ourselves!

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