A Little About Me (click here)

Hello! My name is Denise and I connect via

this shared space

I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. I am also a sister, daughter and friend and the creator of this space. I am so pleased you are here.

I created this space primarily for faithful women to be uplifted, inspired and willing to do their best in their day’s work.

God’s words are inspiring and can lead us to do great things if we pay attention.

I teach college part-time–Houghton College in New York State. My field of study is communication.

I am an author. During the height of the pandemic I wrote a book for my family MEMOIR OF A PUBLIC SPEAKER. The book chronicles my thirty some years as a public speaker. It tells of both funny and poignant experiences I have had over the years. Since we had gone for almost a year without seeing one another it was my way of connecting with everyone at Christmas. I also have a children’s book in the works.

Writing brings me joy and having you read my efforts is so special!


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