Inside Out

22 May

I saw a video the other day of a woman modeling a pretty dress. She looked so put together and her words about how the dress made her feel were of interest to me because sometimes it’s pretty hard to find a dress that makes me feel good. But her point was that the dress made her feel good inside and the message was that our beauty can be outward, but it’s the inward beauty that counts. Pretty on the outside is nice, but beauty on the inside is better.

Interestingly we can see beauty on the outside quite easily. But the inside beauty is often more elusive. Consider the Blue Jay–what a pretty outward appearance that bird puts forth. Striking markings adorn the bird and who can’t pick out a fancy looking Blue Jay? The personality of the Blue Jay is often described as pushy, selfish and aggressive–wanting the territory and the food to be theirs. In actuality, bird lovers explain that the Jay is not mean, just territorial. (Like a toddler who loves to have all the toys while shouting, “Mine!”)

If the Blue Jay acts that way, we only see beauty on the outside.

Our inward beauty is to be a priority.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Those words come from the Book of Matthew.

“Beauty is as beauty does.” I know this quote is an older one, but in modern times it is often referenced back to actress Jennifer Garner who is known to believe that ones actions speak louder than one’s looks.

While I may spend time fixing my hair and choosing an outfit and applying make-up everyday. My better plan should be to FIX my heart, CHOOSE kindness, and APPLY wherever possible the principles of God’s love.

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