Prayer on a Rainy Day

5 May

Dearest God–

You are everywhere and you see and hear all. You bring the sun and moon around each day in their constant roles of bearing light and night. And you bring other weather “gifts.”

I apologize for being ungrateful –but Lord, I have noticed the absence of blue skies lately. The puddles are plentiful and to complicate matters it is May and the temperatures all week hovered in the 40s. I know rain is a gift to water the soil and nourish your bountiful foliage, greenery and budding bushes. Don’t they need sun, too? Vitamins are present in sunlight and joy is prevalent when the sky is blue!

But oh my, you do not need me to tell you this. Forgive my naive faith and my assertion that you have messed up our recent weather.

This day promises more rain, but the forecast speaks of sun for the weekend.

I shall embrace the rain as a cleansing agent. The rain is a source of purity and a foundation for all that will grow from the blessed precipitation.

Oh, let me not dislike rain, Lord, but rather let me be renewed by its droplets of possibility.


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