Simple Nudges

1 May

Sometimes we go about our day in and day out activities and wind up quite absorbed in our lists of things to do–fun things and otherwise.

–meet a friend for dinner

–go to a movie

–shop for fun (not groceries)

–spend time chatting or texting with a loved one

There are other things as well:

–wash floors


–do laundry

–clean bathrooms

Each activity is a time stealer –for good sometimes and for necessity at other times. And I say time stealer because each time we are doing something else, we forget to connect with God. Oh, I have been known to pray while I did something else–sitting at a red light or folding clothes allows for moments of mindful dedication to prayer. But I may not find mindful moments while scrubbing the toilet bowl, or cashing out at the market.

Then God nudges me.

A story on the news may tug at my heart. Someone I meet might be going through something and my prayers seem important. Sometimes much to my surprise a thought pops in and I begin to pray.

A simple nudge.

A reminder.

A call to action.

It is then I am refocused and can pursue God in communication instead of pursuing chores.

Besides, I’d rather pray than wash clothes any day.

2 Responses to “Simple Nudges”

  1. Sueb May 1, 2023 at 3:24 pm #

    Denise, you made me laugh about liking praying instead of laundry. Lol It is very important to be praying for concerns all day long but I find my most earnest prayers are in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. God not only here’s my petitions for others but my prayers to clear my mind and go back to sleep. He calms my soul!

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