Let’s have Tea!

28 Apr

I have a devotional book I received years ago as a gift at a women’s retreat. It’s called WOMEN OF GOD Moments of Grace. The author invites the reader to have “tea” and then proceeds to flesh out that image with all the different kinds of “tea” she has in mind.

She is not serving peppermint, Earl Grey, chamomile or green tea, but just wait to see her possibili-TEAS!! And each one reflects God’s love for us!

Beau-TEA–we are lovely in God’s eyes.

Varie-TEA—just what God brings to our daily living.

Identi-TEA– who we are and whose we are matters!

Heredi-TEA–what the Lord gave us in heritage and family.

Availabili-TEA– the image of God’s constant companionship with us.

Loyal-TEA–the way we are to feel about God.

Uni-TEA–Christians all around the world connected together.

The book actually goes on and on, but you have the gist.

How special it is to consider having “tea” with God.

How I enjoyed having “tea” with you!

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