17 Apr

Once again I am referencing back to a devotional book I have by Melissa Horvath called YOU GOT THIS. It is a book designed to empower women and equip them for the busy lives they live.

 “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.” –Genesis 2:2

Hmmm—after all the work of creation was complete God rested. I wonder what that means? Kicking back? Taking a nap? Going to bed? Curling up with a favorite book?

How do you like to rest? Or do you find there is no time to rest?

Personally I enjoy a good nap from time to time. I have been napping since I was in college. I think napping is soothing, relaxing and renewing. I see it as an art form–something to craft. (I digress.)

But what about those times when life presents a treadmill and once on it, you cannot hop off? It can be exhausting and the mind and body cry out for rest.

So does the soul.

Horvath suggests different ways to rest. She thinks it is renewing to sink into a cup of good coffee. She likes to watch the sun rise. She finds prayer to be restful and empowering. She also likes a cup of hot tea while watching the sun set.

It’s not easy to cram those moments into a day of work, errands, house demands, kids, worries and meetings and such. But if God rested, so should we!

R echarge

E very bit of your

S oul

T oday


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