Fake Faith

29 Mar

Oh no! Is there such a thing? Those of us who profess a faith have firm beliefs and share openly our love, joys and trials. But in our divided social climate and in a world where folks can be offended at every turn, are we supposed to hide our faith at times?

Hmm–wouldn’t that be a fake faith?

On the other hand, there is a concept out there called Communication Competence, created by social scientist, James McCroskey, which suggests that we are capable of acquiring a skilled ability to “read the room” and know when it’s appropriate to say certain things and on other occasions it is better to button up and be silent. McCroskey believes the savvy speaker also understands issues like social status, knowledge, timing, personal preferences and the persons involved leading us to know what we should say and when we should say it in certain communication settings.

We might then read the room and assess the complex communication situation as a No Faith Zone–not a place to share the Good News.


Now I have to hold my beloved faithful words inside “just in case?”

I reject that notion. I admit to doing it from time to time, feeling shy about sharing God’s message, my message, but thinking about it today makes me believe that my authenticity was compromised in those moments and instead I should use three Rs– Reconsider, Regroup and Risk! Yes, take the risk! Be true to God and yourself.

No more fake faith!

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