God’s Hands and feet

24 Mar

We often think of God as a being– a presence and an everlasting power in the world and in the lives of those who follow his inspirational guidance.

Many of us consider God as a human through Jesus and when thinking about Jesus during the Lenten season, it is easy to consider his hands and feet –his pierced and bruised yet strong hands and feet. To consider the hands of Jesus I think of the healing in his hands. I think of the tender touch to the devastated and denied whom he always welcomed. I also think of the penetrating nails that changed forever the appearance of his hands on behalf of me, a troubled sinner.

As I consider the feet of Jesus I picture the miles walked to preach his father’s message bringing the good news to all who would hear it. I picture rugged feet possibly walking bare or in sandals without cushion from town to town on his preaching journey, fulfilling his ministry and mission. I also can call up images of Jesus caring for the feet of others in cleansing symbolism to represent the purge of their wayward living in exchange for a life of faithfulness and heart felt love.

Lent brings Christians everywhere images of sacrifice, pain, meditation, contemplation reflection and growth. At its close we have a resurrection and a promise of a hereafter.

God, I love your hands and feet.

May the image of your great sacrifice remind me daily of your constant presence and love.

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