Intercessory Prayer

10 Feb

Are you familiar with that term? “Intercessory” has word roots in the same family as intercede and intercept, suggesting a “go between” or “something done for someone else.”

Intercessory prayer is something we do for others. As they feel overwhelmed or speechless before God, we can help out by praying about them or praying for them. Some folks in our lives possibly do not even pray at all and we can knock on God’s door on their behalf.

Why pray for others?

It makes us feel connected to that person and their walk with fear, worry or worse.

It connects us unselfishly to God as we think about others rather than thinking of ourselves only.

It works! Prayer works!

Now I will be the first to admit that the interpretation of the word “works ” will vary from person to person. Remember God is not a vending machine and if we “put in” something we will “get” something. But God’s ears, eyes and heart are always available to our pleas and if the answer we think we deserve is not what happens, it is still good–our prayers happened and they were heard.

In our quest to feebly try to comprehend God’s power and grace, let’s pray. Let’s pray for our own concerns and for the concerns of others but even more than that, let’s pray just because God loves hearing from us.

One Response to “Intercessory Prayer”

  1. Sueb February 10, 2023 at 12:57 pm #

    Praying for so many people this week. I really needed to hear this today! Thanks, Denise🙏🏻

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