1 Feb

Today my page at a time calendar read this statement:

“God takes ordinary and makes it extraordinary.”

So I ask you… what did you see recently that was pretty basic, but you saw it in a totally different light?

We went for 17 days lately of consistently cloudy weather. The first blue sky day after that seemed unbelievable!

I made a recipe last week that I had possibly not made in maybe 5 years. It tasted amazing.

I had a rough discussion with a student recently that ended abruptly and then she came to me later and apologized. That was terrific!

I had a crummy cold early in the week and as I write this I realize how good I feel, and that today was a very good day after days of yucky sneezing and coughing.

My dog was right by my side during my cold; either on the bed near me or on the couch near me. She happens to be a clingy dog in general, but while I was under the weather, her companionship seemed extra special.

How about you? Where have you observed something ordinary that seemed extraordinary?

If only we open our eyes to the wonders around us, there is greatness to witness.

Be on the lookout today!

Luke 1:49

“For the Mighty One has done great things for me;
And holy is His name.”

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