Down Time

30 Jan

Do you have “down time?” Do you have moments to do nothing once in a while? I hope you do. For some it is absolutely invigorating having time alone with no “to do” list. It is a peaceful time and an inviting time. It can bring renewal.

Others may see down time as dull, boring or filled with nothingness.

Some may even see down time as unattainable due to myriad responsibilities throughout the days and weeks.

Who is right? All visions are correct. It depends who you are and what you need. You must know you. Would down time bring you peace or possibly might it mess with your pace?

Remember all the down time we had in 2020 as the world began to experience a Covid shut down? We were at home sometimes with little to do or nowhere to go. Even those working from home felt bouts of isolation and a mysterious feeling of down time that may or may not have been welcomed.

Can you have down time and still do a little something? Of course! Napping, reading, listening to music, needle work, praying or meditating come to mind. These activities can make down time special and happily anticipated.

The concept of “down time” actually comes from machine related industry and it describes a time when motors and mechanisms are shut down for periods of rest and inactivity. It is a method of keeping the machines in working order by not over stressing the gears.

Ah yes…

What will you do, or not do this week so that YOUR GEARS DO NOT GET STRESSED?

It’s something to ponder!

Isaiah 57:10
You were wearied with the length of your way, but you did not say, “It is hopeless”; you found new life for your strength, and so you were not faint.

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