Hearing Voices

13 Jan

Now this is a tricky topic! Do you hear voices? Some hear the voices of their parents from childhood days throughout their lives. Some hear the voices of political proponents and that guides some choices. Some hear the voices of friends whose influence can be great and some hear the voices of social media and either heed and bend or holler and run the other way.

And… some march to the beat of their own drum and hear their own voices within.

Then there is THE voice above all voices–the voice of God.

I ask myself, will I hear that voice when it comes to me?

Will I recognize it?

Am I open to it?

What will it sound like?

Have I imagined hearing it?

Has it come to me and I missed it?

Lord, open me to your words, your ideas, your blessings, your grace on this day and throughout the new year. And, Lord, if by chance I am not attentive and not listening to your wisdom, nudge me that I might open my ears and eyes to you. AMEN.

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