A New Year Blessing (with reminders)

30 Dec

May you enter 2023 with good health.

If that is not so, may that evolve for you soon.

If you make a resolution, may you keep it.

May you have time with loved ones throughout the year.

May your work be rewarding.

If retired, may that be rewarding, too.

May you have memories of the past to reward you .

May difficult memories fade for you.

May you have goals to reach and things to do.

Or if you prefer solace and silence, may it be so.

I hope a friend surprises you soon.

Perhaps you will surprise a friend.

Remember being a year older is not a bad thing.

Remember life throws curves, so be ready.

Remember there is no trouble that God can’t handle.

Remember it is God’s time not our time that matters.

Always know God is at your beck and call.

God listens.

May God’s love carry you through the new year and beyond.

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