Who’s Really in the details?

28 Dec

Have you heard that comment, “The Devil is in the details?”

This usually suggests that the details of the situation or the little issues around the situation may be worse than the situation itself.

I ask, “Is the Devil in the details?”

I prefer to think that God is in the details.

God is currently with a 99 year elder in the hospital getting the once over after a Christmas Eve fall.

God was in the midst of families everywhere who had to experience a first Christmas without a loved one.

God is with a couple of older ladies I know of recovering from the ever- present Covid.

God was with my friend who spent hours of the recent blizzard in her running car with her dog for warmth until help could arrive. Her home had no power.

God has been with a friend and her family as her husband and dog stayed behind in a house without power also during the blizzard.

God’s mark was on my friends’ plans as they traveled to another city before the blizzard got its start.

God’s spirit was in our two pastors’ hearts as they put together online worship in a moment’s notice for a congregation who due to weather was not allowed to drive to church.

It may have seemed like a series of devilish things were going on around the weekend of Christmas, but all along God was and still is in the details.

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