Christmas Is

23 Dec

Christmas can mean so many things to different people. Happy memories come to mind just as often as sad realities bear witness for many people. Childhood Christmases evolve and don’t blink… because childhood celebrations become part of Christmas past.

I was thinking recently about different ways to identify Christmas. Here are a few of my thoughts:

Christmas is an event–people gather, people anticipate, people plan

Christmas is a path–one that gives us a direction on our holiday journey

Christmas is a bridge–connecting people, places, the present and the past

Christmas is a portrait–an artful image of sights and scenes

Christmas is a routine–it requires some repeated activity

Christmas is a time piece–measuring the passage of a year captured in a day

Christmas is a reminder– love is never far away

Christmas is a challenge–guiding us to love even in difficulty

Christmas is an evolution–nothing stays the same

Christmas is a net –capturing God’s wisdom, gifts, love and grace in the baby boy given

Christmas is….your turn!

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