Sheepish Love

14 Dec

My dog is nearby…almost always.

She sits by me when I am working on the computer.

She moves to the kitchen when it’s time to make a meal and she follows me upstairs to retrieve or put away laundry.

She sleeps at the foot of the bed in her bed until maybe 5:00 AM when she jumps on the bed to cuddle near my legs.

Her name is Rachel and the meaning of that name suggests ewe or female sheep.

A sheep can have many characteristics–some suggest they can be timid, picky about their food but strong willed at times. This describes my Rachel, a Beagle mix.

However, there are often sheep featured in nativity scenes looking serene and cuddly next to the manger they likely gave up for the little one. That speaks of patience and generosity, such nice characteristics!

I love my dog, but she can be stubborn and quirky.

Isn’t that true for all of us?

May God be with us in our stubborn nature and teach us the gracious ways of the sheep at the side of Baby Jesus.

Oh Lord, don’t let me be stubborn unless it is connected to patience and grace and generosity–being unrelenting on those seems wise, but Lord, I will need your help. AMEN.

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