5 Dec

Advent–by definition the word suggests waiting; feeling hopeful for the arrival of Jesus.

Biblical stories tell us that Jesus came as a baby to bring us God’s love in the flesh that we believers may find freedom from sin and comfort in God’s great love. Most of us think of Advent as the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

Followers of Christ often step up their prayer life awaiting this “arrival.”

Some believers implement daily activities to commemorate this time of waiting with fasting, sharing wealth with others, or contemplating the future.

The season has been commercialized over the years with Advent calendars featuring candy, toys and cartoon characters for children, but the backstory still remains that it is a time of focus and belief in what is yet to come, God’s gift of love and the Christ child arriving and bringing light to a dark world.

A nticipation of

D ivine love and the

V ery presence of God

E ntering our hearts bringing

N ewness, joy and

T ruth

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