Pumpkin Spice Love

23 Nov

Do you like pumpkin spice flavored things? It seems like every year October 1st starts the season that spans through November.

The coffee shops and donut stores and grocery markets all sell the treasured flavors in various forms. I laughed recently when I drove by a muffler shop that had a sign out front stating, “This is a pumpkin spice free zone.” Ha–I found that amusing.

I made pumpkin bread yesterday and will make pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and I will admit a nearby bagel shop used to have a pumpkin bagel I loved, but they went out of business.

Pumpkin Spice Love?

I think anything joyful has love behind it. It takes extra effort to spice things up. It takes knowledge and skill to create the chemistry that flavors up the items with the sweet delightful goodness. All of that requires love.

–love of baking

–love of mixing up the jazzy coffee

–love of trying new combinations of spices

–love of selling to a smiling customer

–love of anticipating the taste!

I wonder if God enjoys pumpkin spice?

I think so —God finds joy when his believers find joy.


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