Snow is a Godwink

21 Nov

Godwink: “An event or personal experience, often identified as coincidence, so astonishing that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when perceived as the answer to a prayer.”

That definition comes from “Wikidictionary,” through a Google search. Hallmark Classic Movies see Godwink as a joyful unexpected experience that has divine intervention behind it–they have a film titled so.

I say Godwinks are joyful events full of surprise and fun.

Why would I say that snow is a Godwink?

Have you ever seen a child’s eyes looking out the window at a snowfall? I have a grandson who saw snow recently and shouted to his mother, “Mom, Christmas has started!”

Have you ever noticed in a snowfall everything looks pure? Mud and dead lawns and bare tree limbs have new birth sprinkled in white. When you walk in the snow sometimes it is so fluffy the flakes get kicked up by your boots and they dance around your knees. And oh, when the sun shines down on new fallen snow, it sparkles like the most luxurious diamond.

Have you ever made a snow angel?

As I write, my region is in a winter storm warning to span 3 days. Outside my window the sun is shining down on about 5 inches of white fluff. Ten miles south they are looking at 20 inches of fluff and twenty miles away they are shoveling 35 inches.

But, do you know why God winks? God smiles on the snowfall because it is a gigantic distraction from the murder, the mayhem and the madness the the world often brings.

People are telling stories about their snowy day. People are checking in on one another. Neighbors are lending a hand with shoveling, snow blowing and salt spreading. And the meteorologists are having a field day with their reporting and extra attention paid to their line of work. As long as people are warm enough, fed enough and comfortable, God winks AND smiles.

His creation is active, noticeable and well…it’s beautiful!

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