Feeling Like Job?

14 Nov

Some people believe bad things come in waves of three. Three pieces of bad news. Three negative situations. “Third time is the charm.” That statement suggests when you get through the third thing all will be well.

Therefore, it seems overwhelming sometimes when things come in succession way beyond three.

My car has an issue, my friend is having a rough time, my pet is ill, my loved one is ill. I lost a loved one, I lost a job, I ______________________________ (fill in the blank)

I feel piled up on. Help!

Biblical Job felt piled up on, too!

Did Job cry out in his woe? Yes! He lost his children, his crops and animals and livelihood. He swore there was no possibility of pleasing God nor could God’s justice ever be found. People told him that he must have been an evil-doer to deserve all the God-given losses he was enduring. Things for Job were bad!

But…Job believed in God, God’s love and God’s good graces.

“Wisdom is a fountain of life.” Proverbs 16:22

Job’s efforts to find wisdom and understanding in God’s ways paid off. His woes were not forgotten but they were managed.

The woes I mentioned above may not be forgotten by anyone experiencing them, but they will be managed and there is wisdom in trusting God in the process.

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