Community Theater Inspiration

24 Oct

The stage was set. A man enters and is introduced to a sizable prison holding cell where 11 people await. He is accompanied by a favored friend. There are twelve individuals total in the cell including the companion. And there is the man. The twelve people and the man begin to interact. The man and his companion try their best to introduce themselves and their imaginations take over in an effort to explain who they are and why they have come. Their names are not as important as the roles they play and the impressions they make. The main character speaks in parable-like tales to show courage, strength and model behavior. His friend supports him unwaveringly, but the new acquaintances are doubtful, untrusting and suspicious. The man simply desires to teach, share and inspire; to show gentlemanly courage and strength.

In the presence of the new persons he is ignored and derided and made out to be a fool until one of the individuals begins to exhibit feelings of change and elements of care. She feels an innocent love for this new friend that cannot be denied nor can it be explained. Fast forward to the end of the story, the man dies and then comes back to life somehow in each of the persons who at one time doubted him so greatly. They all were changed for having known him. His simple message was to dream the impossible and work hard to attain it.

This seemed Biblical to me– a prophet not believed but instead denied; a simple man who spoke truth in an unfaithful world; a man who tried to reach and teach those in his opposition and a man who died trying to do all the above, yet lives on in believers all over the world.

I was not reading scripture, but instead I was viewing a live performance of Man of La Mancha.

The first man I spoke of was Don Quixote, but he reminded me of Jesus. I was moved by this innocent character so rejected and mocked that I cried at the end of the show as I observed hints of change in the 12 persons I interpreted as 12 disciples.

Now … to be fair and real, I will admit that I shared my feelings with more than one person who had seen the presentation and they did not at all view the show and the main character in quite the same way I did. No worries! It was my interpretation and my moment and I am touched in some special way for having had those thoughts raised up for me in a local community theater. I felt blessed.

Perhaps my eyes will continue to see glimpses of Jesus in other ordinary experiences. If so, I hope my mind and heart will be open to the message.

2 Responses to “Community Theater Inspiration”

  1. Sueb October 25, 2022 at 10:29 am #

    Sounds like an interesting play that I would like to see. Thanks

    • dar1124 October 25, 2022 at 1:32 pm #

      It’s a musical and has some bizarre and dark moments, but I liked it.

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