19 Oct

“Kind words are like honey–enjoyable and healthful. –Proverbs 16:24.

Have you given thought to the words you use regularly? My college students just completed a study of verbal and non-verbal expression. They studied theory behind messages we send by the way we look and what we say. It may not seem so, but in any communication textbook there is MUCH to learn about words– why we choose them, how we say them and what our appearance says when we talk. It is always fascinating to me to see the wisdom gained by the students as they study this material and feel surprised by the content. And then the Book of Proverbs enters in.

The quote above begs a few questions:

Are my words like honey?

When my words are not so sweet, what is there to learn from that?

How do we react when words are spoken harshly to us?

How do we feel when kind words are spoken to us?

Do we speak and then regret?

Do we listen to others hoping for sweetness over sharpness?

Jesus’ words were both friendly and forceful given the nature of the crowds and the make-up of the situations he found himself in. Although I dare say the words of Jesus were likely more formed and thought out and planned compared to mine.

I may not be THAT mindful with my words, even if I want to be.

But I pray to improve!

God, please assist me with my words today that I may be a help to others rather than a hurt.

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