Where is Your Faith?

7 Oct

For those of us who call ourselves “believers” we may find our faith in our hearts and minds.

We may feel our faith at church in a worship service and we might live our faith out in the world.

Live our faith? How may we do that and be effective?

Jesus had teachings for us directly related to that inquiry:

We are to learn from him.

We are to obey his teachings.

We are to model his life for all to see.

We are called to love others.

We are to serve God and humankind.

It is not easy to fulfill all of the above, but there is beauty in doing so.

Maybe on some days we only perform one or two of the teachings. On other days we may fill our time with the teachings as we interact with others. And if we fail to do any of the above on a given day? No worries…God will grant us a new tomorrow.

And we will be better for it.

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