A Shalom Moment

9 Sep

This word with Hebrew roots is known to mean peace. It often is a greeting such as “Hello” or a closing remark such as “Goodbye.” In all the word uses it reflects respect, care and emotional warmth. It suggests a blessing. It suggests grace.

Roots of the word Shalom connect to the well known and understood Aaronic Blessing from the book of Numbers 6:24-26:

“The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
 the Lord turn his face toward you
    and give you peace.”

How beautiful it would be to have those words in my heart when I am in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, when I select the grocery check out line precisely when the “lane closed” sign goes up or when I have been cut off in traffic.

It is safe to say I do not feel a shalom moment in those settings.

But I SHOULD! I should bless the situation rather than curse it.

But…I fail each time.

I want to do better. I want to love. I want to forgive. I want to make and keep peace.

Next time, maybe I will shout “Shalom!”


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