God Cleanses

10 Aug

I woke this morning to a gentle summer rain falling all around.

The drops were nearly silent as they happily drenched my wilting garden plants. The plants were refreshed instantly. Oh yes, I could water the plants and I do! But God’s cleansing rains are so much more powerful than a spray from a garden hose. Everything God gives is so much more nourishing than anything I can do for myself.

I might know how to plant the plant, but God’s sun and rain provide the needed elements for growth.

I might make a meal, but God’s design has the nutrients go into my being for sustenance.

I might clean my home for safety and comfort, but God gave me the knowledge and physical ability to do so.

I might help a friend with a situation at hand, but God brought us together for the healing.

The rain that fell this morning was fresh, cleansing and pure.

It was healing to my dry garden.

God’s love is that way as well.

Fresh. Cleansing. Nourishing. Healing. Pure.

I thank God for the daily gifts given!

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