Friday Thoughts

15 Jul

Friday is an interesting day. It speaks of rest, promise and anticipation.

We can often rest on Friday evening if we do not have to work on Saturday. There is a promise of something else to do beyond the work routine and one can anticipate a possible weekend activity to break monotony and invigorate the two day respite. Friday also leads to Sunday which for many of us is a welcomed part of the weekend; being in church seeking inspiration for the week to come.

Sometimes restaurants run Friday specials.

Sometimes work places will do something different on a Friday to reward workers– a summer Friday off, Pizza Fridays or Casual Fridays come to mind.

Did you ever wonder what God thinks about Friday?

God sacrificed his son on a Friday. God wanted us to feel connected to his love and grace through his son’s ministry among us. God chose Friday for his demonstration of love so we could reply with worship just two days later.

God is good.

Church this week will be my day to publicly offer thanks for blessings received.

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