God’s Creatures

8 Jul

When my children were little they learned a song at church that came to my thoughts recently.

The lyrics are these: ” All God’s creatures got a place in the choir. Some sing low, some sing higher. Some sing out loud on the telephone wire. And some just clap their hands or paws or anything they got now.” 

It was an adorable song teaching the message that everyone is different, yet everyone belongs. Everyone has different talents, styles, feelings, but everyone belongs.

WHAT A CONCEPT! How wonderful to imagine a world full of people who mind their own business and simply love others all around, no matter their foot size, skin color, talent, eye shape, clothing choices, career selection, religion or belief system.

It was God’s intention for us to be made in his image yet still be expressively different.

When I was younger, if I did not understand something I shied away from it. If it was a wild hair style, or a strong attitude or a unique talent or a neighborhood different from what I knew and understood, I shied away, not wanting to know anything about those things different from my sphere of knowledge. As I have matured, I stopped judging and began a gentle analysis:

“She must love wild hair.”

“That noticeably large tattoo must be important for some reason.”

“Her head wrap is very meaningful for her to wear it daily.”

“Very dark skin is such a lovely complexion!”

“That grumpy demeanor means there is some pain present.”

I was not able to have such thoughts when I was younger and was still figuring out the world.

I am still figuring out the world. And some things are challenging as are some people, but that childhood song reminds me that EVERYONE has a place in the world God has given us, and in the choir!

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