Vertical Love

8 Jun

Back in grade school you likely learned the difference between horizontal and vertical. I recall thinking about the left to right image of the horizon when I thought of the word horizontal and I then knew that the image I had in mind was the opposite of vertical. Something straight up and down to my young mind was vertical; perhaps like a tree.

Fast forward to now, the word vertical has many interpretations. Have you heard of these terms:

–vertical mouse

–vertical angles

–vertical integration

–vertical worship

A vertical mouse is a computer accessory that helps move the cursor around the screen page and it has an upright appendage to hold while moving the mouse as needed. Vertical angles are those formed by two intersecting lines. Vertical integration is a business practice where companies take on varying levels of ownership of production stages and practices per product. And Vertical Worship is the name of a Christian band that has roots in praise music and song.

I would like to introduce the idea of VERTICAL LOVE. The kind of love that goes back and forth between Heaven and Earth. The kind of love first initiated by God Almighty and reciprocated back by some of his people. God would prefer vertical love from ALL of his people, but it simply isn’t so.

Remember the Parable of the Sower? It tells of a farmer scattering seeds for growth and some fell on the ground and were gobbled up by birds. Some seeds fell on on rocky surfaces and thorny ground and they could not find life and durability in such a shallow place. But the seeds that fell on good, rich and ready soil yielded a grand harvest.

Note…more seeds failed to prosper than those that grew well. Note…this speaks of our world… only some people are open to VERTICAL LOVE; the precious kind of love shared between God and US in a back and forth fashion. We are “us.” We are to love vertically for strength, hope, peace and spiritual growth. When we connect to God vertically our hearts and souls are enriched by a beautiful bond of love with an awesome God.

Scripture tells us we are made in God’s image. What love is this that God would even notice me, much yet love me in an endless and amazing way?

Shouldn’t I reciprocate?

I believe it is so.

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