What is Your Purpose?

3 Jun

When were you born? What experiences do you like to recall from the past? What dates do you remember for the events that took place on the given day? What are you thinking about as you read this?

Whatever is passing through your mind, it all leads up to your purpose in life. Things we have done in the past shape us and things we remember will be cared for in our minds. There is a purpose for our life, our living and our memories therein.

Purpose as defined by an online dictionary I researched said this: “The reason for which something is done; having intention or an objective.”

Did you know there is also a Biblical purpose? I dug deeper into something new to me–The Evangelical Dictionary of Theology as referenced by a website called Biblestudytools.com.

That definition spoke of the Hebrew interpretation of the root word of purpose meaning deliberate, determined and giving good counsel.

For me, all of the definitions make the word purpose seem important and valuable. Purpose is a plan. You have one. I have one. And God has one for us.

What is my purpose? What is yours? God did not make us as a cast away being, but rather as a being made in his image to have a deliberate and determined and intentional life.

How’s that going for you?

And I will ask, how is that going for me?

Some days are better than others, but being reminded that God has plans for us and our lives every day means I want to be more mindful of that. How about you?

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