Spring Prayer

2 May

Dearest Powerful and Artistic God–

I thank you for the season of spring. You offer us lush green grass, pretty little leaves budding, birds chirping, mating, nesting. I loved your blue sky today. It was pure and clear and while the air bore a chill, seeing your bright sun was an undeniable promise of warmth to come.

Sometimes you tease us with a warm day in and among chilly days. And we sometimes have gloomy days sandwiched between sunny ones as a reminder to us that noticing the nice days is important and far more productive over our complaints about the less than desirable weather.

I pray you will heighten my senses and open my heart this season. Teach me to notice your wonders of nature. Teach me to utter prayers of thanks for rising each day with eyes wide open to your artistic spring images. And when every day is done, allow me restful sleep and the desire to wake the next morning to appreciate you and your works all over again.


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