We all Pray…some.

27 Apr

I saw those words on the back cover of a pint sized book of devotions called POCKET PRAYERS authored by Max Lucado. Those words on the back of the book caught my eye, but the words on page one did, too: “Hello, my name is Max and I am a recovering prayer wimp.” Woah–that caught my attention and the page went on to say, “I doze off when I pray. My thoughts zig and zag and distractions swarm like gnats on a summer night.”

Sound familiar?

Back to the rear cover of the book where more about “typical prayer” was explained…it spoke of how many of us utter a little something related to a scary diagnosis, a financial setback or the loss of a loved one, then as more easy going life kicks in, we sometimes lay off our prayer life.

I can see this. I can picture how prayer seems more key when life is showing things that are more important, intimidating or inquisitive. To be sure, our thoughts go to prayer when life seems to be walking a harder path.

How might I pray more? How might I make prayer be more fervent and less rote? How might my life be enhanced by more prayer? Can I pray without dozing or distractions?

And how will God receive my new, more frequent and more diligent prayer?

Hmm…only one way to find out!

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