22 Apr

Do you like books? Some folks are such avid readers and they patronize book stores and libraries and give such care to their reading interests. I recently downloaded a library app that allows me to peruse the stacks of the local library system and download books to read on my tablet. Normally holding the tangible book is my gig, but I have discovered some great reads through the app.

Other quick reading I do regularly is found on my daily calendar. Today as I flipped my daily calendar over to the new page the message read this: “God fills your every chapter with the plans he has written just for you.” The words were embossed on an image of a stack of hard back books each depicted in a colorful image.

It was so cool to think about MY STORIES being captured through God’s eyes.

I love the thought of MY book being written by God, the ultimate author. Of course I want to call some of the shots, but my Heavenly Father knows what is good and right ant true for me and I will honor the chapters written Just.For.Me.

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