God’s Mysteries

13 Apr

I had a dear mother who for years was known to say, “God works in mysterious ways.” As a young girl I did not understand her wisdom and if I asked for clarification her response was often a brief explanation that did not satisfy my youthful inquiries. I took my mom’s words at the face value in which they were delivered, but still pondered their message.

Here I am now a mother and grandmother and my deeper instincts still have me questioning my mother’s idea of God’s mysteries. But I believe I am coming closer to recognizing what it all means.

God’s ways are not our ways. God’s plans are not our plans and God’s wisdom is far deeper than any wise thoughts we might have. The things God may do are not for our understanding, but rather for our acceptance. What God has planned for our lives may indeed not be matched up to our plans, but we are asked as Christ followers to be open to ideas beyond the simple ones we may dream up. It is God’s hope that we simply TRUST what is in store for us.

God’s timing is also not connected to our timing. When I want something I often want it NOW! God’s answer to my plea might be, “Wait.” I may reply, “What?” And in return God repeats, “Wait.”

Mysterious ways are just that…a mystery…to be solved, understood and managed in due time; in God’s time.

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