What is a Blessing?

1 Apr

I feel blessed. What a blessing you are in my life. It was such a blessing! These are phrases I have often used. It is when a positive force is present in my life, and I feel so good about a situation that I may utter these words.

An online dictionary describes a blessing as, “A special favor, a mercy, a benefit or an invoking of God’s favor.”

Wow! That is a lot to take in. Can such a simple word mean all those things?

I once read that the word bless and/or any variation of the word is present in the Bible 400 times. This suggests to me that we are supposed to “get the message.”

Blessings come to us not through our own simple life, but rather through God’s presence in our own simple life.

Pity those who ignore God and the messages he bears.

Aren’t they therefore rather blind to God’s blessings?

Such a sad state of affairs!

As for me–I shall count my blessings as gifts from the Almighty chosen just for me.

How awesome!

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