God’s Warmth

30 Mar

Today was a very cold March day. As I left for work the weather guy on the radio said the temperature was 16 degrees and the chill in the air registered a whopping 4 degrees. It is the last week in March and by this time of the year, weather like that feels exhausting. Fortunately I hustled into a warm building for much of the day. I had refused to wear my heavier coat and wore a mid weight jacket with scarf and gloves for added warmth. Upon coming home after work I flipped on the warm water to wash my hands as I usually do after a busy day. The water was remarkably cold; icy cold! This registered to me that something was wrong and I went to check on the water heater in the basement and it was spewing cold water all around. In addition to the bitter weather, this situation, too, brought me chills. Harumph!

But God’s warming presence was with me all day. (I just had to look for it!)

A friend and I made plans for an upcoming lunch after chatting about the brisk weather in the morning. My students put together presentations for an assignment they had been given and they were nicely done– well suited to the assignment and completely shared with some public speaking confidence that was not present even 2 months ago. They have grown as students to trust their abilities and do the work accordingly. Both the conversation with a new friend and the dedication from students warmed my spirit on this annoying day.

I am thankful God placed people and experiences in my day for warmth and brightness. I am thankful I had the presence of mind to notice those warm gifts because on some days I am blind to some of God’s riches that lay all around.

And now…. waiting 24 hours for a repair person to show up for the water heater does not seem SO COLD!

I am grateful my Lord helped me with my perspective today.

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