Spring Sightings

21 Mar

Isn’t a change of seasons remarkable? Oh, I know it depends where you live as to what you may be experiencing, but where I am, I am feeling spring. Don’t jump to any conclusions…as I write this it is only 34 degrees. But the sky is blue and when I awoke this morning, I heard birds chirping. THAT suggests spring to me!

Sometimes I think spring has the hardest time emerging of all the other seasons. This may be because we have high expectations of spring. We become impatient.

We want birds to sing

We want skies to be blue.

We want warmer temperatures.

We want the grass to turn green and for early flower bulbs to burst open.

And we want it NOW!

So amazing that we are often an impatient people under the care of a patient God. Do we disappoint when we rush? Do we disappoint ourselves? Do we disappoint our Lord?

Truth be known, God is far more forgiving and gracious about impatient situations than we will ever be.

“Every day God patiently bears with us, and every day we are tempted to become impatient with our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. And our faults and failures before God are so much more serious than the petty actions of others that tend to irritate us! God calls us to graciously bear with the weaknesses of others, tolerating them and forgiving them even as He has forgiven us.”

–author Jerry Bridges, Christian writer, speaker.

Of course, the Bridges quote above speaks about our general impatient behaviors as humans one to the other, but it translates well to the impatience we may feel as we desperately wait for spring.

So what shall I do on the next day when I want 68 and sunny and I get 31 and snowy? I will be reminded of my dearest God who graciously waits and shows patience for all that I am. Then I will dig deeply into my thinking and search for a similar sort of patience.

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