Leaning into Lent

14 Mar

The Lenten season has begun and everyone has different approaches to the sacrifices we Christians make to honor the sacrifice that Jesus made for our love and salvation.

Some churches have strict rules to follow so that “giving up” certain foods will make room for the body, mind and spirit to be a welcoming vessel for God’s influence and love. If we abstain from some dietary indulges it is a constant reminder to get closer to the Lord when a craving for such foods comes into play.

Some churches offer suggestions for other sacrifices–giving up a favorite pastime or hobby in order to replace that time and energy with prayer and meditation and more time for a God connection. And some folks are inspired to give up cavalier or thoughtless behavior as a reminder that God would have us be more thoughtful and intentional in our living. Those people might try to stay away from gossip, judgmental thoughts or negative attitudes.

Some churches recommend none of the above, but give ideas for inspirational reading, scripture study and deeper prayer for the 40 days. There are no set rules and no set reasons to “do Lent” a certain way, but doing something to set aside the days between Ash Wednesday and Easter as sacred, special or even contemplative might prompt your Lenten journey to be more thoughtful and meaningful as you await the blessed Resurrection Sunday.

Stated firmly by author Patrick Mabilog, “Easter is a celebration with a powerful message that all people need to hear. I doubt that there is even a message more powerful than the Easter message, and it has nothing to do with brunch and egg hunts.”

The message of Easter is that of hope and life. It is the message that our God came down as man to die for our sins. Although he died a death of earthly nature, death could not hold Him, so on the third day He rose again, establishing His authority over all the earth. That man was Jesus.

As you mark your Lenten time leading up to the resurrection, I hope you feel challenged as well as blessed.

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