Dollar Tree Treasure

11 Mar

I popped into Dollar Tree today. I wanted to grab just a few items and I was in one of the stores that had been rearranged so as I was looking for things, I ended up walking in aisles I normally slip past. I came across a cute paperback book written by someone named Amie and it is an updated version of an older book I have called Children’s Letters to God. I am flat out stealing from one of the pages that stated in bold letters, “DEAR GOD, I NEED SOME ANSWERS FOR LIFE.”

The page went on to read something like this:

Everyday God answers question such as, “How will I get through this?” The page went on with affirming advice that it is okay to question God, ask God the hard questions and wait for the answers. The page stated that sometimes the answers come in a whisper and other times in a loud booming voice. Then Amie writes, “Don’t worry–He always sends the answers wrapped in love.”

He will certainly be gracious to you at the sound of your cry; when He hears it, He will answer you.” Isaiah 30:19

I found that to be a precious reminder that I do not have to try to handle everything each day. God is at the ready, prepared with love to bear my burdens, answer my questions and assist me in my living.

THANKS BE TO GOD for this holy presence in my life.

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